Strategic priorities, plans and Programme Areas


  • Protection and promotion of freedom of expression, assembly, association, human rights and civil liberty
  • Promotion and development of civil as well fundamental rights
  • Defending public, Right to Information activists and freedom1 of expression practitioners
  • Policy and legal study, research and advocacy for evidence-based social reforms
  • Promotion, protection and practice of the democracy and human right
  • Proactive civic watchdog for the promotion of good governance
  • Study, research, practice and evidence-based advocacy of Open Data
  • Research/study, promotion and evidence-based advocacy of Open Budget
  • Research/study and advocacy in the area Internet freedom
  • Policy study and advocacy in various sectors of Public Financial Management
  • Research/study and advocacy to advance social accountability and responsibility
  • Promotion of human rights and democratic norms and values
  • Research/study, civic monitoring, oversight and education and advocacy for the guarantee of free and fair elections
  • Promotion of the use of media, Right to Information, Open Data and Public Financial
  • Management (PFM) tools to support the movement and campaign for social justice and development of disadvantaged people
  • Research and advocacy for the establishment and advancement of Public Service Broadcasting
  • Research and advocacy in the area of parliamentary transparency and political accountability
  • Contribution to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through exchange of ideas, experience and learning at national and international level being focused on attaining the targets of Goal 16
  • Affiliation and participation in regional and global networks related to transparency, right to information, freedom of expression, free and professional press, civic engagement and Open Government Partnership

Will adopt following strategic approaches in the areas of above-mentioned strategic priorities:


• Knowledge construction (research and study), management and dissemination
• Training and mentoring
• Policy Advocacy, lobby and campaign
• Collaboration with CSO/government/academic institutions/media and international organizations and networks
• Media mobilization
• Institutional capacity development and transfer
• Dialogue and facilitation
• Networking at local, national and international level
• Sustainability
• Will raise and mobilize fund, supports from national and international donors and development partners by formulating programmes, and projects in consistent with the priority areas and strategic approaches
• Will remain fully committed to the values of institutional governance, transparency and civic freedom1 and adopt them in practice accordingly within the organization
• Will adopt into practice the values and principles of gender equity and anti-discrimination
• Mission is to sustain its interventions as an academic and knowledge centre
• Will open more offices, partners, in around world particularly in Bangladesh


How you can contribute or involve?

How you can get involved People support us in many different ways.

Here are just a few ideas:

• Come to our meetings and get involved in our campaigns

• Help out on a street stall

• Volunteer with our activities to educate, support, promote and protect human and civil rights

• Organise an campaign, event or stall in your community, college, workplace, clubs,        organizations etc. (We can help you with this)

• Support and help us to publicise our talks and film evenings

• Write letters to local and national press and our elected representatives

• Write an article for our newsletter

• Put on a benefit gig to raise funds for the group

• Join one of our e-mail lists

( or )

• Make a donation

• Tell other people about our work and about this website


We share you voices in right way.


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