Who we are?

Peace And Justice Alliance believes that All human beings are born free and equal  in  dignity and  rights, also there can be no peace without justice!  If you want peace work for human justice. We supports promote and protect human, civil, fundamental rights, democracy, social-justice, assist victim of torture, forcefully disappearance, illegally imprison, rule of law, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Rights for freedom of expression, association, and assembly around the world. We also work to resolve armed, political conflict, illegally detention, harassment, hate crime, forcefully disappearances. We advocates among players and campaign non violent movement protest and inspire and support any people’s initiatives in communities, where human and fundamental rights or equal rights are denied or under threat. We appreciate partnership with local peace builders; support and work with them for the benefit of their community. Mutual recognition and establishing justice among people; strengthening the values of mutual respect and dignity. Coexistence and cooperation for the welfare of all mankind regardless of race, religion, colour or creed; moreover, promoting the cause of international peace and understanding.

We work for


Democracy is one of the prominent themes of Peace and Justice Alliance, it has strong belief that democracy can be flourished only when there is people’s participation in every decision making process on the one hand and on the other the leadership of public agency should be transparent and accountable to the people. Considering these issues, we are working for protection, promotion and institutionalization of democracy since its establishment in 2013. The organization and its activities are broadly concerned with civil liberty, democratic and free, fair electoral mechanism, dialogue, party building, reform in governance, conflict transformation and the peace building, constitutional reform and other areas that have direct bearing with democratic norms and practices.


Human Rights:

The organization’s concerns on human rights are inspired by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) and related international conventions, treaties and instruments. It stresses respect to the people’s right to life, right to medical care, right to education, right to equal and fair social treatment as well as the right to hold political/ideological beliefs.


Media freedom and freedom of Expression:

The organization works to ensure that the mass media is able to play its role as the Fourth Estate and that it enjoys the independence and freedom1 to disseminate information without any hindrance. The Forum considers freedom1 of Expression and the people’s ‘right to information’ as fundamental trait of an equitable, prosperous and democratic society. It also works to enhance media professionalism and make it socially more responsible.




How you can contribute or involve?

How you can get involved People support us in many different ways.

Here are just a few ideas:

• Come to our meetings and get involved in our campaigns

• Help out on a street stall

• Volunteer with our activities to educate, support, promote and protect human and civil rights

• Organise an campaign, event or stall in your community, college, workplace, clubs,        organizations etc. (We can help you with this)

• Support and help us to publicise our talks and film evenings

• Write letters to local and national press and our elected representatives

• Write an article for our newsletter

• Put on a benefit gig to raise funds for the group

• Join one of our e-mail lists

(peaceandjusticealliance@hotmail.ca or peaceandjusticealliance@gmail.com )

• Make a donation

• Tell other people about our work and about this website



We share you voices in right way.


Peace and Justice Alliance

Peace and Justice Alliance is a non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization.





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