“In last decade in Bangladesh gross human rights violations and abuse of power have created a terrible “environment of fear” and “culture of impunity”.

Like many other autocratic regimes in the world, the authoritarian government of Bangladesh has been running the government without the people’s vote for the last one decade. The government has made some of its perpetrators run this illegitimate government and retain power by mass bribery and corruption. This includes government bureaucrats, unscrupulous businessmen and corrupt political leaders who have plundered the poor and helpless people’s money and sent them to Canada and various Western countries.

It is well known that now Western countries become the safe haven for the Bangladesh illicit assets and dirty money owners, many perpetrators of Bangladesh autocratic regime kleptocrats, corrupt & dirty politicians, businessmen & bureaucrats has been illegally transferred poor people assets and money laundered billions of dollars illicit assets to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and middle eastern countries, when poor and disadvantages people are dying without basic needs, medical treatment, food, shelter and social justice in Bangladesh.

In the Bangladesh and local Canadian community it is well established news that now Canada and other western democratic countries becomes the safe haven of the Bangladesh autocratic regime kleptocrats’ illicit assets. Mainly these perpetrators have been illegally money laundered  dirty money and Bangladesh poor people assets.

Many corrupt Bangladeshis businessmen, leaders and bureaucrats have bought luxurious costly real estate assets in Canada, USA, EU, UK, UAE and other parts of the world, and have been spending billions of dollars laundered out of Bangladesh. Many have managed to take the opportunity of the Investor Category Immigration.  The kleptocrats of Bangladesh have been mainly investing in real estate’s business in their family members’ names or anonymously or in other people’s names.

 Mainly, the wives and children of Bangladeshi corrupt millionaires live in these, while the husband has been doing all kinds of human rights violation, corruption, abuse of power and other illegal activities in Bangladesh. Mainly, the wives and children of Bangladeshi millionaires live in these Levis homes, husbands of the perpetrators and kleptrocrats of the autocratic regime come to stay with them every three months.

The kleptocrats and bank defaulters have created a nexus of crimes here in the western countries as same as in the Bangladesh, now Bangladesh community has been seeing surprisingly new millionaires in the society, this type of organized crime is a huge threat to the western social and economic sector. Nor only that in the Bangladesh society “Canada and other western democratic nastion’s image went down by those organized criminals. People of Bangladesh have been asking how Canada and other western democratic authorities tolerate this corruption and financial crimes.

In the USA, UK, EU, Canada and UAE, they have bought businesses and homes anonymously. Only impertial  investigation with the local Land Registration or with other concerned government offices, will be able to get more hiding information about more money launders and kloeptrocrats as well illicit assets owners.

We have learned that some people working with money exchanges, real estate sales agents, real estate brokerage and real estate companies were involved in buying those properties. Everything was done(financial crime) by an organized group. Only a proper investigation will bring out the truth.

The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and other international agencies have listed the mis-invoicing in trade transactions as the prime means used in transferring illegal funds from one country to another. The act of over-invoicing indulged in at the time of imports is thought to be one of the major ways to do so. The fund thus transferred might belong to the importer concerned or someone else. Under-invoicing in the case of exports remains yet another way of siphoning off funds abroad. With underhand deals struck with buyers in place, holding back a portion of the export proceeds in foreign accounts is very much possible.

Also, there are easier ways. of course, illegal ones. “HUNDI OR HAWLA” is one such way. Funds worth billions are reportedly transferred from Bangladesh to other countries, including the USA, CANADA, UK AND OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND  UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland.

It is really difficult to plug all the holes that are used to transfer illegal money. The extent of fund flow can be reduced if effective measures were taken to rein in corrupt practices. That, however, will be a big asks when the ground is fertile for indulging in corruption.

So, Bangladesh under privileged and vulnerable people urging to the USA, UK, EU, Canada and UAE Government and other concern offices to launch necessary investigation against the Bangladesh corruption, kloeptrocrats and money laundering, also to take the necessary measures to recover the stolen assets of the poor people of Bangladesh.  Global governance needs to do more proper urgent action to prevent  “THERE IS NO SAFE HAVEN FOR THE BANGLADEDSH KLEPTROCRACTS, ILLICIT ASSETS AND DIRTY MONEY OWNERS”.

Now poor & disadvantaged people of Bangladesh urgently calling to USA, UK, EU, Canada and UAE and other nations to recover their stolen assets also take necessary action against the corrupt autocratic regime of Bangladesh and dirty money owners to bring peace, stability and equality. KINDLY HOLD FASCIST BANGLADESH REGIME Kleptocrats to the Account and recover poor people stolen assets from the illicit assets owners and money laundering of Bangladesh also campaign against the bribery and mass corruption.

Therefore, our earnest request to all the concern government and organization to do an urgent investigation against the corrupt autocratic regime of Bangladesh and hold accountable the illicit asset owners and take necessary action to recover stolen assets from the money laundered and the kleptocrats.  

 If you have any questions feel free to contact with us email : peaceandjusticealliance@gmail.com;