"These helmet wearers in the photo are the terrorist & gangster forces of the current fascist & mafia-style illegitimate government, the thugs of Student League and the Youth League; the mobs of ruling party publicly beat Nahid and Mursalin to death in broad daylight with iron rods, machetes and sticks; The same mobs have already carried out same inhumane torture & attacked on students in the protest of safety road movement"
"Government, stop playing with the lives of poor and helpless people" "How long will Preeti, Nahid and Morsalin keep the independence of Bangladesh intact with their lives"
Is it their crime to be born in a poor miserable family?? Or is the state denying or expelling them??? Everyone in the state must take responsibility for violating the rights of citizens. "
Even after 51 years of the war of independence, the people of Bangladesh have been deprived of justice from the judiciary. The deprived, suffering masses have lost confidence in the administration, the law and the judiciary, so they no longer want justice, so they do not want justice for the deaths of their relatives.
Because there is no precedent for proper trial of unnatural deaths in Bangladesh through torture of their children, the people have been living in a land of impunity for 51 years of the war of independence.
It is unjust or unjust for the disadvantaged, helpless and oppressed people to live in Bangladesh. ”
Millions of helpless people gave their lives in the war of independence, Bangladesh was liberated by ordinary people wearing lungi and towels, 51 years ago, in 1971, after the war of independence, it was said that all the people would get equal rights, justice and property rights, but later the leaders broke all their promises.
After the war those people got nothing but got married, sacrificed their lives and family for the country for Bangladesh and after that war some opportunistic corrupt bribe-takers, bureaucrats and businessmen are suffering the consequences;
Later, not only the masses but the masses sacrificed all their resources for patriotism, and the looters and opportunists built only a mountain of illicit wealth.
But at present the poor and the helpless are constantly being deprived of justice and the resources of the state, equal rights and freedoms.
People from disadvantaged families are being subjected to various kinds of injustices, torture and oppression at the hands of ruling party people and people in the administration without trial; All these irregularities and misrule can no longer be allowed to continue. "