On September 27, 2021 Peace And Justice Alliance Canada organized an event called Peace March For Bangladesh People Rights, the Canadian Human Rights International Organization has partnered with the campaign.

The march were held at Nathan Phillips Square Toronto City Hall and Ontario Parliament, from 12 pm to 3pm, Bangladeshi community leaders and local organization  representatives were present in the program, Participants were speak, distribute leaflets, and call for solidarity and support for the vulnerable and stand beside the victims of oppression people in Bangladesh. They marched at Nathan Philip square, Toronto City Hall and at the Ontario Provincial Legislative Assembly, Canada, Distributed leaflets to the local people and sent letters to the Hon. City Councilor and Hon. Members of the legislative assembly and other civil rights organizations briefed about the present human rights violation and abuse of power by the present fascist regime. the speakers to the Canadian government, leaders, the United Nations member states and the international community to take urgent action for violation of human rights and constitution by the present Bangladesh’s fascist regime.

Besides, it has been claimed to stop enforced disappearance, extra judicial killings, custodial death, inhuman torture and arbitrary arrest for oppression in Bangladesh, free all the illegal prisoners including former prime Minister and Mother of Democracy HE Begum Khaleda Zia and to take emergency measures for free, fair and neutral elections in Bangladesh, the Global community intervention and to work together to solve political crisis in Bangladesh, participants also called to avoid Bangladesh from any kinds of violence, conflict and confrontation between the ruling party Government and other civil and political organizations. The speakers demand an atmosphere by the international community to support and stand for Bangladeshi people’s democracy, human rights, social justice and free, fair, neutral credible elections. They said their main goal is sustainable peace and security in Bangladesh. Also send a message of solidarity and harmony to the world to protect humanity, avoid any kinds of crisis and conflict.