This is inform to the all concern that the High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Canada Mr. Khalilur Rahman and the diplomats of Bangladesh High Commission are constantly threatening in press, events, verbally and forms to punish human rights activists and critics in a free country like Canada; We need to bring your kind attention and urging urgent necessary action about the Bangladesh High Commissioner in Canada Mr. Khalilur Rahman in the context of constant threatening speech and threats to stop our freedom of expression or threaten to stop criticism against the illegitimate government various injustices, irregularities, corruption, money laundering, extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrest and other unconstitutional illegal activities. 

Mr. Rahman is the perpetrators of Bangladesh present authoritarian regime, the strategy the Government(GOB) has been doing against the oppositions and civil rights activist in the Bangladesh same intimidating wants to implement in Canadian soil to suppressed the civil society voice, which is the clear violation of Geneva convention and Canadian Law. We call upon to the Canadian Government urgent measures against the High Commissioner of Bangladesh rights violation and to respect Human Rights and Freedom of speech.

But Reality is different the Bangladeshi diasporas who has been doing campaign and protesting against the perpetrators and illegitimate Bangladesh Government continuous abuse of power, corruption and human rights violation not against the country BANGLADESH. Mr. Khalilur Rahman Bangladesh High Commissioner in Canada and his Government has been trying to misinterpreting the whole Bangladesh present political and social situation to suppressing the critics and descendents.

Therefore, our earnestly requesting to the Canadian law enforcement agencies and other concern  government offices to look into this matter and take necessary measures to protect mine and family rights and security according to the Universal Declaration of human rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights.